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Інститут фізіології ім. О. О. Богомольця
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The Scientific Council at the A.A. Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology

  • Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Prof. DrSci. Veselovsky MS. (Head)
  • Prof. DrSci. Lukyanets OO (Deputy Head)
  • Corresponding Member NAS of Ukraine Prof. Sagach VF (Deputy Head)
  • Dr. Shish A.M. (Secretary for the Council)
  • Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, DrSci. Kryshtal OO
  • Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Prof., DrSci. Shuba Ya.M.
  • Corresponding Member NAS of Ukraine, Prof. MD. Skibo GG
  • Prof., MD Dosenko VE
  • Prof., DrSci. Kostyukov OI
  • Prof., MD Levashov MI
  • DrSci. Litovka IG
  • DrSci. Lushnikova IV
  • Dr. Maksimyuk OP (Deputy Director)
  • Prof., MD Moiseenko EV
  • DrSci. Pivneva TA
  • DrSci., MD Portnichenko VI
  • Dr. Prudnikov IM
  • Dr. Purnin OE (union chairman)
  • DrSci. Rozova KV
  • Dr. Sotkis GV
  • DrSci. Strutynsky RB
  • Prof., Ph.D. Fedulova SA
  • Dr. Cherninsky AO
  • Dr. Shkril VM
  • Prof., DrSci. Yanchiy RI
  • Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists

For additional information please contact:

E-mail: science [at]
Phone: +380 256-24-14
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