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Тут ми збиратимемо пропозиції, що надходять з різних країн. Це може стати в нагоді тим, хто виїхав з країни чи планує зробити це.

Дві позиції дослідника у Відні

- EMBO has compiled a list of laboratories who are prepared to host Ukrainian researchers from rather different fields (https://www.embo.org/solidarity-with-ukraine/).

- The Walter Benjamin Program of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) supports postdocs (https://www.dfg.de/en/research_funding/programmes/individual/walter_benjamin/index.html).

- The Philipp Schwartz Initiative of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation funds researchers from war countries (https://www.humboldt-foundation.de/en/explore/newsroom/dossier-philipp-schwartz-initiative).

-The Volkswagen Foundation has a generous guest research program that also will help ukrainian scientists (https://www.volkswagenstiftung.de/en/funding/our-funding-portfolio-at-a-glance/funding-for-refugee-scholars-and-scientists-from-ukraine).

Dear Professor Krishtal, I hope that you are personally well and that Ukraine comes through to the other side of this madness as soon as possible. I would like to offer help to a young Neuroscientist in the Ukraine who is interested in spending time in a lab in the UK. The UK government has just announced that visas will be granted to Ukrainians who are offered accomodation with a UK family for at least 6 months (visas valid for 3 years; no family link required; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60724111). I would like to offer such help. But I am also in a position to offer extra help if that person is a young scientist because I can provide paid employment in a research position in my lab. This could start as an internship but there is also potential to follow this with a PhD (and extension of visa) or even a post-doctoral position if the person already has a PhD. My lab works in visual neuroscience. We are especially interested in the role of synapses in transmitting and transforming the visual signal within circuits (especially the retina). We use a variety of approaches, including multiphoton imaging in zebrafish and computational analysis. My lab is very active and funded well (https://lagnadolab.com). We are also part of a very active neuroscience community at the University of Sussex (https://www.sussex.ac.uk/research/centres/sussex-neuroscience/).

Prof. Leon Lagnado FMedSci

Sussex Neuroscience

School of Life Sciences

University of Sussex

Brighton BN1 9QG, UK



Request form for Ukrainian researchers interested to get remote research position

Інформація для студентів бакалаврату та магістратури від університету МакГіла (Канада)

We have a program and funds to support Ukrainian students who are obviously badly affected by this atrocious war.

In effect, we can take your students on as "visiting trainees", and can cover costs of relocation and housing here. We would work to find them labs at McGill that match their existing research projects. The Canadian government is accelerating the visa process so we hope that we could have a fast process for helping Ukrainian students and our colleagues.

Please let me know if you or your colleagues have students that would like to collaborate with us to help complete their training.


За контактною інформацією пишіть на infdep@biph.kiev.ua

Here one more link for students who cannot finish studies in Ukraine are welcome to apply to University of Eastern Finland

I am Teresa Iglesias, a group leader in a Biomedicine Institute from the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid. We are working on neuroscience research, studying cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in stroke, hydrocephalus, and neurodegenerative diseases, and searching for neuroprotection strategies (you can see my ORCID ID 0000-0002-4326-9005).

I am devastated about the horror Ukraine is going through these days and really would like to help. The CSIC is organizing an action to host researchers working in Ukraine and I would like to participate offering my lab.

The CSIC asked us to urgently sent them the CVs of Ukrainian scientists interested in coming still living there or that have been forced to leave their country. Since I don´t know anybody there, I did a Pubmed search "Ukraine and Neuron" and found literature signed by you and others.

I would really appreciate if you could share this email with your colleagues in Ukraine at your earliest convenience, so that it can soon reach the Ukrainian scientific community that may need this support and would be willing to participate in this action. They can send me a one-page CV that I can quickly send to CSIC in the next days. May be at the end I would be able to host only one researcher in my group (PhD student, Posdoc, Senior women, but together my institution CSIC wants to make a collective effort for many scientists in different areas of knowledge.

Don´t worry If you are not able to distribute it, any way I am really grateful for your attention.

Best regards

Teresa Iglesias

email: tiglesias@iib.uam.es

Skype: tiglesiasvacas

Web IIBm: www.iib.uam.es/persona?id=tiglesias

Web CIBERNED: www.ciberned.es/en/grupo-iglesias.html

  • There's a growing list of the labs across the world that offer help to the Ukrainian scientists and grad students - in lab space, in funded PhD and postdoc positions, in supplies and travel funds

( https://bit.ly/labssupportingukrainians ). I hope this information reaches our Ukrainian peers.

I am an Israeli Russian-speaking postdoc at Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior institute at Columbia University in New York. I want to offer my (free) help to anyone from Ukraine in the application process in biomed - in writing a proposal, composing CV, research statements, applying to prizes and fellowships, making slides, preparing for an interview, reviewing manuscripts or dissertations. If you know anyone who might need this assistance - please share my contact with them - kg2888@columbia.edu or kgolts@gmail.com

Koral Goltseker, PhD

  • Французька програма солідарності з Україною

Програма ПАУЗА (PAUSE) відкриває спеціальний проект для надання невідкладної допомоги українським дослідникам, які знаходяться в групі ризику, завдяки екстреному фонду, наданому французьким Міністерством вищої освіти, досліджень та інновацій. Детальні інструкції за посиланням.

  • Шановні члени Українського товариства нейронаук!

Мені дуже прикро за страшні події, які відбуваються у вашій країні. Я пишу, щоб запитати, чи хочуть хтось або кілька людей приєднатися до нейронаукової лабораторії в Страсбурзі, INCI? Наш інститут – це приємне та відкрите середовище https://inci.u-strasbg.fr/.

Я, Ярослав Сич , з наступного місяця – керівник групи. Я впевнений, що кілька інших головних дослідників також погодилися б бути приймаючою лабораторією.

Французький уряд виділив грант, який буде фінансувати ваше перебування та перебування вашої родини у Франції. Місцевий університет, наприклад Страсбурзький університет, повинен подати заявку. Досліднику потрібно буде лише надіслати копію паспорта та резюме.

Будь ласка, дайте мені знати, якщо комусь цікаво, і я спробую організувати.

З повагою, Ярослав Сич - yaroslav.sych@googlemail.com

  • I am writing to you from the Polish Centre for Technology Development (PORT) located in Wroclaw (south-east Poland), which is a research institute focusing on life sciences, neuroscience, biotechnology, population diagnostics, epidemiology and material science. We are acutely aware of the situation in Ukraine and the terrible suffering of your nation. We would like to support you any way we possibly can. As a scientific research organisation we have currently a number of job openings for scientists as well as for technical staff. If you are considering to leave your country because of the unfolding war (or maybe you had already left, even temporarily?) and have interest and skills in the domains mentioned above please respond to this e-mail, so that we could find out if we are in position to help you go through this very difficult period.

Якщо кому цікаво - пишіть мені (infdep@biph.kiev.ua), я передам контакти.

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