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Ver. 1.0
Ver. 3.3

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AnDatRa – Analysis of Data Ranges – is a plug-in based data analysis application with graphical interface for fast processing of vast numbers of the whole digitized records of any origin. Records can be exported as ASCII data directly or some special calculations can be applied to data, and after evaluated data can be exported to ASCII data for continued data analysis.

Since year 2000 the version 4.1 is developing for convenient and fast fitting of vast numbers of digitized records. Important feature of AnDatRa is the possibility to fit not just by one function but by unlimited sum of different functions. User can combine exponents, sinusoids, offsets, complex combinations of exponents (such as pulse, powered pulse), etc.

During 2008 – 2009 years AnDatRa was equipped with a special approach for fitting the pulse-shaped transients by sum of exponents, with approximation of count of these exponents. Records are fitted as an integral unit, which includes baseline, rise and decay. This opportunity overcomes different problems that appear when general fit procedures are used.

AnDatRa is written for Microsoft Windows in software development environment Borland Delphi 3.0

* All application features can be called from menu.

** The source code is available upon request.

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