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Ver. 1.0
Ver. 3.3

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Starting from version 2.0 dynamically loaded readers were used for processing data in various format. DLR files must be situated in AnDatRa directory. Now with AnDatRa you can analyse data in these formats (sorted in creation order):

Module Acquisition software Notes
Scr1082.dlr AKWare Screen 3.0 block size 1082 (501 points in trace)
Ledar11.dlr Ledar 1.1
JT.dlr Kiskin's :) clamp Jumping Table (512 points)
Scr1094.dlr AKWare Screen 3.01 block size 1094 (501 points)
Scr1116.dlr AKWare Screen 3.01 block size 1116 (512 points)
WTida264.dlr Tida for Windows 2.64
Scr2096.dlr AKWare Dual Screen 3.02 block size 2096 (501 points)
ABF15.dlr Axon Binary File 1.5 only data stored as sign two bytes integers
WTida30.dlr Tida for Windows 3.0
Wave.dlr Wave form Audio Files only Microsoft Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) format.

To store changed data AnDatRa use dinamically loaded saver. Ledar11.dls file as DLR files also must be situated in AnDatRa directory. Data will be stored in Ledar 1.1 format.


Starting from version 3.0, external Framer (file Framer.dll need) calculates functions. 15 different function types are available so far:


  1. Base - mean of point amplitudes without using points resolution.
  2. Norm - maximum of point amplitudes without using points resolution.

Respectively to base line

  1. Mean.
  2. Maximum.
  3. Minimum.

Absolute values

  1. Minimum latency.
  2. Maximum latency.
  3. Mean.
  4. Maximum.
  5. Minimum.

Complex functions

  1. Spike - calculate minimum between too maximum on frame.
  2. Simple function :) - mathematical operation over some functions. NB. operations processed without general rules. Result of expression (F1+F2-B/N+1000-F5) will be calculated as follows ((F1+F2-B)/N)+1000-F5.
  3. Spontaneous Activity - created for calculation spontaneous peaks in case base line is slowly changing during experiment (also during one trace). Peaks are detected by two rectangles. Their width and height are equal to rise times and 0.9 of amplitude of single event approximately.
  4. Slope - is calculated using Kramer rule.
  5. Advanced Negative Slope - the slope on the most linear part of the curve between set frames is calculated

Other features

  • standard windows clipboard is used, so you need not create the external ASCII tabbed file for exporting data to other applications. Also traces can be placed to clipboard in two ways: as a table and as one long record.
  • printing is possible (active window, all AnDatRa windows separately and desktop).
  • averaging (smoothing, mean of traces by number and minute).
  • adjusting trace properties.
  • scaling (by short keys and mouse + Ctrl in any window).
  • mathematical operations can be processed both as single traces, and as rows of traces (add, subtract and mean).
  • speed mode (during plotting only desired number of points will be drawn).
  • possibility of setting general colours of AnDatRa windows.
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