Call for 2015 Platon Kostyuk Award is open. Deadline for submission is September 7, 2015

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Call for 2015 Platon Kostyuk Award is open.

Young physiologists working in Ukraine are invited to apply for the 2015 Platon Kostyuk Award. Scientists with PhD/Cand.Sci. degree received no longer than 10 years ago (counting from January 1 of the current award year) are eligible for the application. Previous winners of the Award are not eligible to apply. The candidates should present:

  • One page CV (in English);
  • A list of recent (up to 3 years) publications or manuscripts accepted to print in any language;
  • One page personal statement about achievements and goals (in English);
  • Pdf. files of most important (up to 3 years) publications (maximum 2).

The documentation should be submitted in electronic form (as attached .doc and/or .pdf files) to: Deadline for submission is September 7, 2015 (including). The following selection criteria are applied:

a) originality/innovativeness;

b) shown ability to make most of available resources;

c) significance of the idea;

d) significance of obtained results;

e) scientific merit of the applicant and publications.

Each category has a 5-level scoring (maximum is 25 points). Selection is done by vote among all donors. If two candidates scored the same, they share the Award. If three or more candidates receive same scores, a run-out vote is organized.

The recipient(s) of the Kostyuk Award will be recognized by presenting a commemorative plaque and a personal cash award during International Symposium “Ion channels trimming the brain”that will be held in Kiev (Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology NAS of Ukraine) on September 24-26, 2015.

More information about Kostyuk Foundation could be found here: http:/

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